Lilly 2 years, 11 months ago on CRCT fallout plan revealed

The cheating problem is very unfortunate; however, the really sad part of this is that cheating is only a symptom of our deteriorating society. I work for state government (not the school system either) and everyday I am disappointed in the degree of integrity that many people display. Unfortunately, the lack of integrity is seen in the employees as well as those we serve. Traits such as honesty, dependability, a good work ethic, compassion for others and other characteristics that we have held important are disappearing. It is more than a little scary. Just think, the issue here is cheating, but it is only one of many behaviors we consider unethical. People who behave unethically in one way also tend to live their lives this way regardless of the situation. It wouldn't hurt any of us to look at ourselves in the mirror and examine our own level of integrity.


Lilly 2 years, 11 months ago on Former DA, chief assistant to face off

2 things:

  1. Leave Ken alone

  2. The Eidenhires don't deserve this. The Eidenhires are good people; known them for years; I have a very happy family member who lives at Season's Care. This is nothing but a mess created by a few people. I've decided that the complainers are a group of miserable, unhappy people and they want everyone else to be miserable along with them. They have made it very unpleasant for a majority of residents.