MRM 2 years, 11 months ago

TSPLOST is a net loser for SWGA. The projects listed are just those proposed. The final list will be approved by an unelected board. There is no way that SWGA gets enough money from TSPLOST to do all the projects on the list. And any new roads, widening projects, etc have to be maintained. Where does that money come from.

Transportation infrastructure should be paid by user fees and user taxes, not a general sales tax. This hurts the poor the most cause they will benefit from it the least. The original MARTA SPLOST was supposed to fix all of MARTA's problems. MARTA is still broke.

We don't need new taxes, we need jobs which comes from having lower taxes, government regulations, and attracting PRIVATE capital into the area. This tax does exactly the opposite.

Also there is the constitutionality of the issue. There is no provision in the Georgia Constitution for a regional sales tax - only a local and a statewide sales tax. What about the counties that vote down the tax yet the region approves it??? How is that fair to FORCE them to comply?

This tax does not create jobs. It just shifts them around because all this does is shift money from one person's pocket to another. Yes we may get a few more road construction jobs. But we will lose retail jobs as people can afford to buy less at the retail level as government takes another slice out of their declining incomes.

This tax is a rotten egg. IT STINKS!!!


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