MRM 2 years, 9 months ago on City forecloses on L'Juas; former owner files suit to block sale

This is why government has NO business funding private business enterprises. If the business is not sound enough to get bank financing, it is not sound enough for the taxpayer either.


MRM 2 years, 10 months ago on Guns without roses

The government's solution to problems caused by a few evil people is to regulate and limit the rights of the rest of us. That is unacceptable! One nut job carries a bomb in his shoe and as a result the (then Republican led) government imposes the Patriot Act and we all have to wait in line up to an hour and have our person and personal belongings searched (without a warrant) before we can board a plane. Another nut job goes into a public building (a school where he knows no one is armed) and shoots two dozen people and the government's (now led by Democrats) solution is to ban the sale weapons that can fire more than ten rounds.

Problems like these are not solved by more laws and regulations restricting individual freedom. Problems like these are solved by holding individuals responsible and liable for their actions. Punish the law breakers, not the law abiding. No law abiding person should object to a background checks before a gun can be purchased. No law abiding person should object to a background check before he or she boards a plane. Bring back asylums for the mentally insane. And whenever a crime is committed, make the punishment severe enough to deter it from happening again. Give the criminal ONE appeal. Then ENFORCE THE LAW AGAINST THE CRIMINAL, not the rest of us!


MRM 2 years, 10 months ago on Squawk of the Day - Jan. 3, 2013

That squawk is totally false:

In 1975, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that involuntary hospitalization and/or treatment violates an individual's civil rights in O'Connor v. Donaldson. This ruling forced individual states to change their statutes. For example, the individual must be exhibiting behavior that is a danger to himself or others in order to be held, the hold must be for evaluation only and a court order must be received for more than very short term treatment or hospitalization (typically no longer than 72 hours). This ruling has severely limited involuntary treatment and hospitalization in the U.S. In the U.S. the specifics of the relevant statutes vary from state to state.

This was the case in a famous United States Supreme Court decision in 1975, O'Connor v. Donaldson, when Kenneth Donaldson, a patient committed to Florida State Hospital, sued the hospital and staff for confining him for 15 years against his will. The decision means that it is unconstitutional to commit for treatment a person who is not imminently a danger to himself or others and is capable to a minimal degree of surviving on his own.


MRM 3 years, 3 months ago on Early voting for GOP runoff has started

Vote Rick Allen, Rick is an independent businessman and with jobs being the #1 issue in this election he has the most experience creating jobs in the private sector. He will work hard to stop burdensome regulations and penalizing taxes that keep existing businesses from expanding and entrepreneurs from starting new ones.

Rick is also a strong believer in the US Constitution - which the politicians in Washington have forgotten limits their power over WE THE PEOPLE.

Rick has shown that he has the fire and determination and the organization to run an effective campaign through November by garnering over 42% of the vote in the July 31st primary compared to 31% for John House.


MRM 3 years, 3 months ago on Frich ousts Williams from Lee Commission

Certainly God is not political, but that does not mean Godly people can't be involved in the process. Congrats to Greg. I think you will do an excellent job.


MRM 3 years, 3 months ago on Southwest Georgia voters reject T-SPLOST

Transportation funding should come from fuel taxes, licenses, and user fees, not from sales taxes. If the DOT needs more money, then the legislature should have the guts to raise gasoline taxes on those who use those roads, bridges, and rails. But instead they came up with this convoluted regional sales tax.A regional tax was a stupid idea to begin with. Why should any county be subject to the whims of some arbitrarily drawn region?. 10 of the 14 counties voted it down. That should tell the politicians and the Governor that we are taxed enough.


MRM 3 years, 4 months ago on Lee activist protests T-SPLOST signs

Laws and ordinances should apply equally to everyone. If the county can't enforce its own ordinance, the ordinance should be rescinded. Tim fought this battle when the ordinance was passed saying it would not be enforced equally. It has nothing to do with the message. It has to do with equal application and enforcement of the laws.


MRM 3 years, 4 months ago on Dukes: Now isn't the time for TSPLOST

It seems that the only ones openly supporting TSPLOST are road contractors and trucking companies. Why is that do you think?

Road projects should be paid by the users of those roads, not the general population. If we need new roads then the Georgia legislature and Governor should have the guts to pass an additional fuel tax, not push a regional sales tax on us.

For those on the fence, think about this....we pay a 4% statewide sales tax plus and additional 3% in local option sales tax.......where does the state get the idea of this "regional" tax? What the heck is a region and who defined it? Who drew up these regional boundaries and why? A county is a sovereign territory. These regions are arbitrary. How can an arbitrary region possibly supercede the sovereignty of a well defined county? These regions are designed to force a tax on the counties whether they want it or not. In our region it is quite possible that TSPLOST could fail in 10 of the 14 counties but still pass if Dougherty, Lee, Decatur, and Colquitt County pass it because they have by far the larger populations. How would you feel if you lived in Calhoun, Miller, Terrell, Worth, Quitman and the other rural counties about being forced to pay a tax that you voted against?


MRM 3 years, 4 months ago on T-SPLOST a path to help ourselves

We are taxed enough already. You forget to mention that this tax hurts the poor, the unemployed, and those on fixed incomes the most. They rarely use roads but they will be forced to help pay for them.

Your article fails to mention this objection to TSPLOST: And who drew up these regional lines? Why did the legislators not just make this a local option sales tax rather than a regional one? Is a regional tax even constitutional? As I remember we had to pass an amendment to the Georgia Constitution in order to have local option sale taxes on the ballot. What us up with these arbitrary regions. Where in the Ga. Constitution is a regional tax ballot initiative even allowed? What happens if 10 of the 14 counties in our region vote it down but it still passes because Dougherty, Lee, Decatur, and Colquitt with their higher populations pass it. The sovereignty of those remaining 10 rural counties has been hijacked by the more populated counties. That is by definition taxation without representation.

I urge everyone who reads this to VOTE NO ON TSPLOST!


MRM 3 years, 4 months ago on New polling data suggests a slim majority of SOWEGA voters will approve TSPLOST

What does "After being given more information on the TSPLOST, that number rose to 57 percent." mean?? What information were they given exactly? Were they given an unbiased list of both the pros and the cons, or just a one sided view?

Were they told that the tax can be imposed on counties who vote it down if the majority in region votes for it?

Were they told that their county sovereignty can be superseded by a bureaucratically designed region which is by definition taxation without representation?

Were they told that this is a direct tax on the poor who are the least likely to use the new roads?

Were they told that the new projects promised will have to be maintained and no current funding for that is provided?

Were they told that this tax will increase their cost for food, clothing, cars, appliances and anything else they purchase at a store?

Were they told that final approval of all projects is by an unelected board?

I wonder if the vote would still be 57% or anywhere close if they were given both sides,of the issue not just one.