MRM 2 years, 9 months ago on T-SPLOST or not, Georgians will pay

There is NO provision for a cut in property or income taxes Jacob. It is an NET INCREASE in taxes to the citizen. And if the legislators thought they could get a statewide sales tax to pass, they would have put THAT on the ballot. Obviously they know it wouldn't. This is a fools tax - one designed to look promising, because it all supposedly goes to the region. You may not be old enough to remember that first SPLOST was passed as property tax releif. Once passed, that property tax relief lasted only two years. The money was quickly diverted to other uses. This one will go the same route..


MRM 2 years, 9 months ago on T-SPLOST or not, Georgians will pay

1) Glad we agree on two of the 10.

2) The GDOT will administer the funds. Yes a private panel approves the projects, the the funding goes through the GDOT and the DOT's financial accountability in the past has been abysmal. That is a fact!

3) MOST of the 14 counties in the SWGA district are rural and are net losers with TSPLOST.

4) Transportation is perfectly designed to be paid by fuel taxes, licenses, fees, and fines. The costs should be paid by the users and those who use the roads the most should pay the majority of the cost - fuel taxes does that BEST of all taxing mechanisms. A sales tax disproportional hurts those who use the roads the least. A person who walks on a road does not care if it is widened or not. But his cost to buy groceries goes up because of this tax.

5) ANY added bookkeeping burden cost retail businesses. The tax collected has to be segregated from other taxes and accounted for separately.

6) No I am not kidding. This tax just takes money out of one individual's pocket and puts it another individual's pocket. Yes there might be some road construction jobs created, but there will be some retail jobs lost as people have less net money to buy things. It is at best a wash jobs wise. New private jobs are created by genuine supply and demand,not from artificial government created demand.

7) The projects listed for SWGA cannot all be approved. Someone will have to cut many of them. The FINAL approval is by the unelected board.

8) That is my point. The general funds for transportation CAN BE REPLACED by TSPLOST funds. It is a legislative diversion trick to balance budgets without cutting projects. That alone shows that TSPLOST is a dishonest tax..

9) See #6 above. It is a wash at best in job creation..

10) Well if you believe like me that we are taxed enough already, why are you defending this tax?


MRM 2 years, 9 months ago on T-SPLOST or not, Georgians will pay

Once a sales tax is in place, it is almost always impossible to defeat it Mr. Sumner. That is why this tax must be defeated.

The idea that the state legislators can divide the state into regions to get a tax passed is unconstitutional in my opinion. It completely eliminates county sovereignty. What happens if 10 of the 14 counties in the SWGA region vote the tax down but it passed because the higher population counties like Dougherty and Lee approve it??? That is BY DEFINITION taxation without representation.

Transportation expenditures should be paid by gasoline/diesel fuel taxes and user fees like licenses and fines.....not by a general sales tax. That imposes an expense on the poor who are less able or willing to drive and therefore do not benefit from the tax at all, but they still have to pay it every time they go to the grocery store.

And this tax will allow current budgeted transportation funds to be diverted to other uses. The grand poobas at the capital can say otherwise, but as with the lottery funds and other tax funds, it has happened and will again.


MRM 2 years, 9 months ago on MRM

TSPLOST is a net loser for SWGA. The projects listed are just those proposed. The final list will be approved by an unelected board. There is no way that SWGA gets enough money from TSPLOST to do all the projects on the list. And any new roads, widening projects, etc have to be maintained. Where does that money come from.

Transportation infrastructure should be paid by user fees and user taxes, not a general sales tax. This hurts the poor the most cause they will benefit from it the least. The original MARTA SPLOST was supposed to fix all of MARTA's problems. MARTA is still broke.

We don't need new taxes, we need jobs which comes from having lower taxes, government regulations, and attracting PRIVATE capital into the area. This tax does exactly the opposite.

Also there is the constitutionality of the issue. There is no provision in the Georgia Constitution for a regional sales tax - only a local and a statewide sales tax. What about the counties that vote down the tax yet the region approves it??? How is that fair to FORCE them to comply?

This tax does not create jobs. It just shifts them around because all this does is shift money from one person's pocket to another. Yes we may get a few more road construction jobs. But we will lose retail jobs as people can afford to buy less at the retail level as government takes another slice out of their declining incomes.

This tax is a rotten egg. IT STINKS!!!


MRM 2 years, 9 months ago on T-SPLOST or not, Georgians will pay

Mr. Fletcher, here are some valid reasons to oppose TSPLOST:

1) TSPLOST is a 14.3% increase in the sales tax. That is asking a lot of people who are hurting from the current government sponsored recession.

2) TSPLOST takes your money and the decisions on how best to spend it out of your hands and gives it to the Georgia Department Of Transportation (GDOT) who has a record of financial mismanagement and whose financial bookkeeping was once compared by Sonny Perdue to Enron's.

3) TSPLOST will benefit the SWGA Region least of the 12 regions and the Atlanta Region the most.

4) TSPLOST is a general tax rather than a user based tax - those who pay the tax are disproportionately higher than those who benefit from the tax. The poorest citizens will be hurt by this tax the most.

5) TSPLOST creates more paperwork and accounting for the retail businesses who collect it.

6) SWGA does not need new roads, we need jobs.

7) TSPLOST is taxation without representation – a five member unelected board has final approval on projects.

8) TSPLOST will allow the state to divert current highway funds to other uses.

9) TSPLOST will cost more jobs than it will create.

10) TSPLOST is a brand new tax and as citizens we are TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY!

Now why don't you print those reasons instead of spouting hyperbole like: "I'm tired of having to pay taxes to support the freeloaders who never pay their share." I know of no one who is opposed to TSPLOST because of jargon like that. Let's have an honest debate about the pros and cons of the tax. It is time for the state legislators to realize that just like us ordinary citizens they have to tighten the belt of the state's spending right now.