Margie 3 years, 2 months ago on School system defends coach after prayer complaint

No one should disrepect another's religion or faith. It is a personal choice. However, this country was built by our Founder Fathers in God we Trust. My personal opinion, and its just that, is one that when we began to remove God form the midst of this country and our lives, things just don't go well. Just as we should have repsect for others faith and religion those of us that BELIEVE in Jesus Christ as a savior, should also be allowed to pray when ever we desire to. I believe that we should have respect for our flag, but offer prayer to my Father is more important to be that pledging to the flag. Oh, I do make the pledge, but before I do, prayer will be and has to be first. I thank God for all the Christian schools in the America that allow teachesrs, coaches, students, and athletes to PRAY and not be penalized foe doing so. Prayer does change things, if its sincere.


Margie 3 years, 3 months ago on Tribunal recommends discipline for teacher

Terry.Lewis, I have to agree with you. I certainly think that some cheating occured, but I don't believe that all 49 people, including some of those that retired early or quit were all guilty. In a scandal such as this, there are always some innocent people that are cuaght up in the mess, and of course have to suffer the consequences as a result. Unless someone actually admittted to cheating, then "hear" say nor interviews from the GBI nor State team are enough evidence to prove that soemone is guilty. So it seems, so many were in agreement to just put these people on the"bus" so to speak, based on this so-called investigation. This case is a whole lot different from that of the "school lunch" issue, wherein there is a form that has to be completed and signed. Unless there is actual a video, how could all be proven guilty. This has been a nightmare for the DCSC and Dougherty County. If people could afford to send their children elsewhere they would. As far as the CRTC, it should have never existed. Students shouldn't have to pass such a test in any school, just to get promoted. Promotion should be based on actual performance in the classroom and testst based on what has been taught. Cheating is not an excuse, but the so-called , "No Child Left Behind" has left more kids behind than moving them forward for bigger and better. Where do we go from here? Perhaps the new board member, and hopefullty fresh, innovative, young people will began to embrace the chairs with new ideas and committment to do the right thing for our children and with our tax monies. I think that the government should endorse a plan for taxpayers, people who pay school taxes to receive vochers to send their kids to private schools. It just might change things in a lot of states with regards to public education. Why not? I am a property owner and paying school taxes in a system that we don't use and don't care to use at this point. I am praying for a revived and new school board administration.....soon. But, teachers are to be appreciated as a whole, and I am one who support teachers.


Margie 3 years, 3 months ago on Former Sherwood head football coach Knapp writes first book, to sign today at Albany Mall

Congratulation Coach. God has a way of filling the void in our lives with something with a purpose. I am certain that your book will inspire not only your grandchildren, but others. I look forward to purchasing and reading. Again, miss ruby is at it again, never anything positive or worthy of anything or anybody. Perhaps one day when he/she awaits and find themselves with an affliction, lost of job, family member hurt, or in trouble, hungry, in pain, suffering, humility will then come. But, until then, let all those who are have accepted Jesus Chirst as our Personal Savior, lay this name at the altar. We don't know who this person really is, but God does, and he is very aware of this evil, un-repetence heart. How sicking were those comments, not one entry, but two withn minutes of each other. The person has to be a moroon, or a child with very little understanding about life and its appreciation. I would perfer to believe the child.


Margie 3 years, 3 months ago on Sherwood blanked in 2012 opener

One of the most important things that you are missing in all of this is that every young man that is out there on Sherwood's team wants to be there, and wouldn't have it any other way. You under your disguised sister_ruby don't get it nor understand what it means to these kids. They are not out there because parents make them, but because they want to, and they UNDERSTAND very well the challenges that they are against, and the possibility of them not have a winning season. THEY know it better than you or anyone else for that matter. BUT, they come to practice and they play with heart. To YOU and others whose heart and mind are so narrow, especially when it comes to SCA wouldn't understand that at all, because you are so busy looking for something to GOSSIP and speak negative about when it comes to Sherwood, no matter what the school attempts to do. The community as a whole would be a lot better if we all took the time to be proud and all of our children's accomplishments, no matter how small, and find the blessing in ALL things, even in a lost. YOU weren't at the game, and what you have before you is a newspaper article that doesn't give you the true picture of these kids. Yes, SCA lost, but they also won in many ways. They manage to keep the score 0-0 until half time. And with a young team, mistakes will happen, and the seasoned, bigger team will win. But, what you did not see, the two teams praying after the game, and SCA family taking time to show these guys that we are proud of them. I know we all keep track of numbers, who won, etc.., which is how the game is played. The majority of the players are freshmen and sophomores, with little to NO experience. In time, if they continue to play, these young men will be more experience. Why not considering being a fan, and support a local school program instead of with hate and off the wall gossip. As for Alum, I can only imagine his/her active role while attending SCA. Probably during the same thing, complaining, and doing nothing to help or support his/her school. The best rule to follow is say, nothing if you have nothing good, uplifting or refreshing to say about another. Also, remember you too will be judge according to how you judge others. Why not try planting some good seeds in favor of SCA, and watch the harvest. Better yet, go out and volunteer and offer your professional expertise for the game, that is, IF you got any to offer. Which I seriously doubt. Sister_ so call Ruby is on just about every post, which tells me a lot about this person life. Without the Albany Herald News and post sections, there wouldn't be a life.


by Margie


Margie 3 years, 4 months ago on Unruly teens disrupt Fourth fireworks

Desmond, Cantonese and Antwon? What's the big deal. The names has nothing to do with the behavior. Do some research and you will find that their are some famous people around with the same names, and they are not our causing havoc. You were born, and your parents named you, and it might not be one that I would name my child. God is not at all concerned with our name, but more with what's in our heart and how we treat each other. Yes, it is truly embrassing and shameful that families can't go out to a fireworks celebration without having to run, dodge, and scramble for safety. But, UNTIL laws are changed, and individuals are made accountable, the saga continues. But, don't attach the name to inappropriate behavior. Desmond Tutu, Antwon Fisher probably would take offense.


Margie 3 years, 4 months ago on Woman sentenced to 7 years in vehicular homicide case

Comments regarding the contents of the article is one thing, but to attack a person's physician features sister ruby as you are so called is sickening on your part. If its not a person's physician appearance, its their name, which neither an individual has control over. What do you look like? Let APD take a mug shot of you, and lets see what you would look like?


Margie 3 years, 5 months ago on Kearer Crawford

My heart is shattered, for I have lost a good friend. A beautiful person, with a kind heart. Levi and Ronald you are in my prayers. I will miss my friend and thatbeuatiful smile and personality.


Margie 3 years, 5 months ago on Rodney King dies at 47

Such a sad way to die, after having gone through so much. King indeed was breaking the law when he tried to outrun the state police. Very wrong, indeed. But, the beating that he got, was not well deserved, regardless. Furthermore, based on the evidence he was down on the ground as he was asked, and the beating began then. The beating was not called for at all. There were enough officers to subdue this young man to the ground and handcuff him, and transport him to jail. But, thank God, someone was there watching with his video camera and captured the entire beating. Without the video, there would not have been an investigation at all. It did not give police the right to beat this man, nor was it right for the trucker to be beaten by angry mobs of people. Just as the lawyer stated, King was not a hero, nor villian, likely a nice person. I surmise that he was young, and follish like so many of us have been in our day and even now. But, the saddness in all of this is, all those years have past, and we are still no better off as people. Hate is just everywhere, and I would have thought my now that we as God creations would be at a better place by now. King, was no hero of mine, but his beating certainly enlighten the world about the brutality of police in this country and the unfairness of it all, whether black, white, yellow, or any color that one may calls him or herself.