Meg_R 3 years ago on DCSS IT employee out on bail

Oh my MLTharpe. Your DCSS reading and writing levels are showing their true colors.

It's not a matter of what color this person skin is. It's what they did as a person. Please do give the color scam. Notice that the people you cry out someone is being racist is usually at fault also.

Please also keep in mind the definition of a Racist and Racism.

Racist-Someone or some being that believes their "Race" is superior to other races.

Racism-Is simply being able to point the differences in ethnic groups.


Meg_R 3 years ago on Meg_R

Obamacare is putting a price tag on how much your LIFE is worth... Ex. If you are 95 years old in need of a heart transplant, just being 95 will take you out of the game with this nonsense of a "Health Care Plan".

Are you ready for the government to till you when you can LIVE or DIE??

Really, people! Let's try to make the world better and this doesn't mean hand outs to everyone.

Yes, I believe in Food Stamps and Medicaid/Medicare. This programs were put in place, because there are actual families/people in a America that need them. Not the idiots that sit on the butt's all day!

America is ripping apart each day at a time by stupid comments like yours!