MichaelJ69 1 year, 10 months ago on Need new Chief of Police

What;s your opinion on Chief Proctor and the constant crimes that occur in this city?


MichaelJ69 1 year, 10 months ago on Squawk of the Day 12 April 2013

Why is the City Manager and Commissioners not holding the Chief of Police responsible for crime in Albany. Chief Proctor is lost in fighting crime. He is Lott's choice over so many great law enforcement professionals. Manager Taylor is shielding him. Chief Proctor should be fired.

The city of Albany needs to hire Chief Roberson Brown as Chief of Police and this guy has strong stance against crime and know how to fight crime. Proven record. We need to get tough on criminals in Albany, our future depends on it. Why is Chief Proctor getting a free ride from this administration. Maybe we should all arm ourselves and take the law into our own hands. We need help in fighting crime in Albany. Someone is killed or shot every week in this city. One day it may hit home to our so call leaders in order for them to take action. Do not wait to be a victim, fight back by hiring a great police leader, not someone who is passive and laid back or don;t have a clue on crime prevention.....Yes I said it.....Hold department heads accountable or get ride of them if they cannot do the job they were hired to do.