MissionFocused 1 year, 9 months ago on Herald changing online commenting system

This is so awesome!!!! Thank you Albany Herald!!!! I'd rather read fewer comments than to listen to all the evil hatred and misinformation spewed in your current forum. This will be a great thing for our city as we seek to be more progressive.

It's important for this community that we change our outlook. Change your outlook - you change your outcome.



MissionFocused 1 year, 9 months ago on Water main rupture sends MCLB workers home Thursday

It would be nice if the individuals squawking got their facts straight. However, that it too much like having common sense. Let me help you...

First: The base is mostly civilian - more than 4,000 with a little more than 300 total uniformed personnel.

Second: Low water pressure for us meant NO WATER - no toilets, water fountains, etc. Get it? Can you imagine that many people trying to use facilities without water or perform basic job functions?

Third: The water issue has been located and repaired - although earlier there was no way to tell how long it would take to repair. Only non-essential personnel were allowed to go home and sequestration has nothing at all to do with an emergency.

It is negative and blatantly racist attitudes like these that further divide this community. It's no wonder we are not any better off. It's sad for so many of you to be so miserable that you spend your days searching for opportunities to spew hatred. Wake up!

If this community is to truly improve and move forward - you know, repair the things you complain about - it is going to have to start with changing your attitudes and mindsets.


MissionFocused 1 year, 11 months ago on Chamber drops to three-star accreditation

Maybe its time to get a new leader. The one they have does not seem to have the credentials to run this one. Losing members and now the edc folks are leaving = more lost dollars. Something is fishy here!