Mountainchef 2 years, 11 months ago on Wanee: Hoola hoops, weed, magic music

To Albany Herald: lease send someone who can do a credible job covering this wonderful concert next year.
To Mr. Fletcher. This article started out with three irrelevant points and finally got to the real message halfway through the article. You led with characterizing the event as a potfest, being surprised that hula hoops are a current art form and you were shocked to see one naked person out of 40,000 attendees (if that number is correct). Here's some suggestions for your article next year: don't be so surprised if you smell a little weed in the air occasionally. You didn't need to lead your article with it; it gives the wrong impression. Man, you say you've been going to concerts for 40 years...did your nose just start working? Not everyone was stoned and it sounds like you wrote this article during your "second hand smoke" timeframe. Don't be surprised if you see an occasional naked person at a festival, or other places where many people gather for that matter. Would you have complained if you saw a naked woman, not a man? It's an incidental fact and doesn't need to have any attention brought to it. Don't use words like new-wave hippy chicks; it's demeaning to the talented young ladies performing their hula hoop art. Have a young person review your article before you post it because you sound out of touch. You did a good job reviewing some of the music, but you could have used the word count available for your article to focus more on other bands and the respectful, loving nature of the attendees.