Mr_EJ 4 years ago on PREP FOOTBALL PREDICTION COLUMN: Westover starts its run tonight

No way CrispCougar1, Them Patriots have been playing shorthanded since game one. The QB is back the RB is healthy the real defense will be in Red, White, and Blue Go Patriots!!!!!!! By the way Seminole 80, Stewart County 0 thats a harsh prediction


Mr_EJ 4 years ago on ASU FOOTBALL NOTEBOOK: Rams move up in national D-II poll to No. 13; ex-Monroe star Whitfield honored twice by SIAC

Not to mention the best QB to play at ASU went to Dougherty (Uyl) who is the OC. But I expect more guys to come to ASU from Albany, the thing is not that coaches aren't recruiting these guys these guys dont wanna stay home and play in front of family and friends. The football program will be fine. The same WILL NOT be said about the basetball program. Coach CAM wake up season about to start but we see you at the club chillin. Come on man bring something to the table, Albany basketball in the high school always brings something but ASU never does.