OSheet 2 years, 11 months ago on Sometimes a picture says it all ...

Your right I don't know 'jack'. lol and btw I do love flying delta. Is that the best you can do? I do know that this school system is destroying the lives of children continuously. I'm sorry that you are so blind to the facts that have been in the newspaper and WALB for years. You are in denial Loco ... oh I mean Local. Yes, the public needs to have their eyes on this school system, they have proven they are not competent in more ways than one. You want to talk about 'where is the love' ... this is something that is earned. They are not a loving bunch over there.


OSheet 2 years, 12 months ago on Sometimes a picture says it all ...

This is so typical of people who have no respect for anyone other than themselves and their pocketbooks and who scratches their backs. I am so sick and tired of the Dougherty County so called School System. I will not pay not one more year of property taxes that go to this school system. I am so OUT OF HERE!!! I have had my fill of these people this time over the last three stinking days. They are liars and cheaters and might hold documents that say they are educated but their actions speak louder than that paper. The entire system needs to be taken over by the Georgia Department of Education. There's several words for people like this but I will spare your ears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!