Ihope4albany 2 years, 4 months ago

No such chance. I must be like John crying in the wilderness until those who need to hear will hear. For you see, it is not about black people because Native Americans and Mexican Americans have had atrocities to happen as well. As a matter of fact, people of color all over the world have been tremendously exploited.

IT IS ABOUT HOW RACE HAS BEEN USED AS A SCAPEGOAT FOR THE RICH TO KEEP GETTING RICHER. Because every time a statement such as this one is made, it helps to confirm that the scapegoat system is working.

So never mind that the benefits gained from the black genocide and holocaust in the new world created the financial infrastructure for the U.S. to become the superpower that it has so your family could come here in the 1920s and benefit too.

Do tell whether your family in the 1920's were ever made to be animals???? Who made anyone God with the power to strip away any groups humanity. [Look at the Australian example of what they did to the aboriginal people and how they are atoning for their sins]. Do tell whether your family in the 1920s were considered 3/5s of a human being???? Do tell were your family members ever burned alive because they had white skin???? Do tell were your family members hung because they had white skin???? Do tell were your female family members studded (raped) to produce a herd of slaves???? Do tell were your family members systematically denied being able to read, to marry, to have a whole family, to worship, to find work, to not be terrorized????

So my friend, it is not black people holding onto to the truth of the past that is the problem; the problem is that the descendents of those who created the problems in past and internationals benefiting from the past who seeming feel they have no responsibility to address it. Seemingly ignoring the truth is easier.


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