OlDad2055 2 years, 9 months ago

His Lawyers are trying to 'game the system' and playing on the sympathy of the anti-death penalty crowd who will protest ANY execution, regardless of the circumstances. 
He was convicted of shooting and killing his 18 yr old girlfriend 11 TIMES and sentenced to life. Appeals were made but did not claim retardation and failed. He brutally beat to death his cellmate with a nail-studded 2x6 board while he slept and was convicted and sentenced to death. Appeals made for 5 years did not include mental retardation. Suddenly after those appeals failed his appeals switched to possible mental retardation which according to tests ordered by his own defense immediately after the second conviction 5 yrs before, he did NOT meet the criteria for retardation.

He's gaming all of those sympathizers but hopefully, the games will be over tonight.


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