OneWhoKnows 3 years, 1 month ago

I think Ms. Quimbley has done a fine job as coroner of Dougherty County. She's just as qualified as Michael Fowler. All of the qualifications Mr. Fowler has, has nothing to do w/ the job of being Coroner. He can't embalm a body for the coroner's office, he can't perform autopsies b/c he's not a pathologist. To be a pathologist you must be a doctor and he's not a doctor. So if Michael Fowler were to become coroner he would do as Ms. Quimbley does call the crime lab, give the info on the deceased, and in turn they will relay the cause of death. Mr. Fowler will not be able to perform any procedures on the deceased. He says, he's performed over 4,200 autopsies, which seems to be a lie to me since he's not a doctor! He's an embalmer and not really good at that. It's my understanding that he's worked at three funeral homes in Albany, and was terminated from all three. So can anyone name something Ms. Quimbley has done wrong, is there any case that has gone through her office in the past 8 years where there was an outcry about the cause of death, or the community had concerns? The answer is NO! She has been trained by the coroner's association just as Mr. Fowler would be if he became coroner. His trips to Guam, the Tsuanami, Hurricane Katrina, the 3,000 bodies he says embalmed is no good in the coroner's office.


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