OnlyMe 2 years, 7 months ago on Three arrested near Westover High

ACTUALLY! No gun was used at Westover. I just happen to go there. These 3 guys weren't even IN the fight. The 2 guys who were actually fighting aren't even on here. Where are their mug shots? The Guns were in the car, not on school campus. Check the school attendance records. The one who 'used' the gun wasn't even present at school.


OnlyMe 2 years, 7 months ago on High school athlete charged in rape case

I love how all of you are going on about this like you were there. Please raise your hand if you attend Westover High School. You don't know what happened. You can't call him a criminal && her innocent when you weren't there. Have you all seen the tape? Of where she was NOT picked up. Have you all seen her in the days following? Have you all seen ANY type of bruises or scratches from her being drug down the stairs by her purse? Did you all know that two days later she wore a skirt to school? No you didn't because you aren't at Westover. Now I'm not too sure, but I know for a fact that I wouldn't be wearing a skirt right after being raped. Would you? How safe would you feel? So its not fair how his reputation is being tarnished when he could possibly be innocent. && Have you ever thought about why her && these 'friends' were out of class at 3:40? our bells ring at 3:05 && then again at 4:00. Meaning she had to have not been in class for 35 minutes, or left class twenty minutes early. So how was it possible for them all to be just there at that time. If she was in class like she was supposed to be this could have all been prevented. && our snack machines aren't upstairs, they are downstairs? So please let me know how it started near the snack machines if she was pulled down the stairs? Nobody would have to question if she was innocent && if he was guilty.