PJOHNSON11 2 years, 5 months ago on Squawk of the day - March 18, 2013

I work in a physicians office. We work in patients the best that we can, usually one work in per every hour. The schedule is laid out by corporate based upon the recommendation of the physician, not our office staff. A lot of people do not understand that it is up to that physician how many people are seen, and at what intervals they are seen at. In this office, the flucuation of numbers of the patients is always different, and wait times vary according to the day. The no show amount for patients that do not show up for their appointments is acceptable. There is a high volume of patients that are trying to get into our practice, and if someone cannot find the need to call and cancel that appointment, knowing that we have other patients that need to get in,then I believe whole heartedly that they should be charged that flat fee. No one gets a break with that in this practice. Patients are generally seen if they have a scheduled appointment. We usually wave the 24 hour cancellation notice if the patient calls us the same day and cancels that appointment, technically we do not even have to do that. I do not think a practice owes a patient 35.00 if they are seen that day. Waiting on an appointment is what people have to do. I have to do it at my appointments, and our physicians have to do it at their appointments. If something happens with our physician and he is not in the office, we call and we cancel the appointment with the patient and we reschedule.
In no way do I believe the practice should be held responsible to pay a patient a fee if they are not seen @ their designated appointment time. At least they are being seen, and within a timely manner, which is the real issue.


PJOHNSON11 2 years, 5 months ago on The Squawk of the Day - Oct. 5, 2012

People who can only quote something which was not orignially said by them can be said to not have an opinion of their own, instead follow the opinion of others.


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Yes, we all know "what" the streets are made for, but pedestrians, bike riders, and those other modes of transportation have to also take into consideration that roads are for vehicles as well. Pedestrians should not walk on roadways. There is designated space for pedestrians, and that is not in the turning lane, or straddling the white line on the right hand side of the roadway. Bike riders are now supposed to ride with traffic,not against, which some bikers are still doing. Riders are required to ride single file. Bikes in Georgia are considered vehicles, and therefore are not supposed to be ridden on the sidewalks when there is a sidewalk available. State law dictates that a bike rider, or any other vehicle, shall ride as close to the right side of the road as possible, unless making a left hand turn. Bicycle helmets are legally required, as are seatbelts for normal automobiles. A common perception is that someone is safer cycling on the sidewalk than on the roadway - and many motorists and even law enforcement officers irresponsibly believe and repeat that dangerous message. Sidewalk cyling is statistically the most dangerous type of cycling.
Not all vehicle accidents are cell phone related, and I am particularly tired of hearing this. Especially when the old man at Taco Bell, driving his Chevy 1500 into the night, but can barely read the menu on the board, tells me that my wallet-which he believed was a large cell phone- that women drivers and their texting machines will be the death of them all. As he drives over the curb onto Oglethorpe.