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Phinizy3 2 years, 6 months ago on Bright of the day - May 21, 2013

From what I have read, most cities experience flat or negative growth after their historic downtown areas are abandoned. The phenomenon happens with most American cities at about 100,000 people when suburbia sucks the older downtown dry. And, growth does not resume until the historic downtown area is revitalized. Unfortunately, only a serious, concerted effort to revitalize a downtown area will work. Examples of cities that have undergone decline and then resurgence credited to the revitalization of "downtown" are everywhere across this great nation. Like it or not, until we embrace what must be, must be done downtown, we will struggle to prosper and grow. We must "back and fill" the core before we can expand. the experience of other cities like Albany seem to be telling us that their is no other way.


Phinizy3 2 years, 6 months ago on Temporary restraining order issued in FTC/Phoebe case

Well, a little too little too late!. Now that Humpty Dumpty has fallen off the wall, what can be done?


Phinizy3 2 years, 6 months ago on A graphic of school scores of the CCRPI. Click to enlarge.

Admittedly, I do not know the details regarding the new CCRPI scoring system. Without knowing the details, there are a few very obvious conclusions one can easily see from the scores. First, the Dougherty County elementary and middle "magnet" schools and the "charter" schools all scored very high and above the state average. Robert Cross Middle and Lincoln Elementary "magnet" schools were the top two schools. These two schools have minority students making up 86% and 88% of the student bodies, respectively. This tells me that these two schools have a better education model than the other schools in Dougherty County.

Education in Albany is critical to the current and future health of our community. And, quality education is the key to our collective properity and quality of life. I hope and pray that our community will embrace proven success and change the way we educate our precious youth. The results of these scores seem to be pointing us in a more successful direction.


Phinizy3 2 years, 7 months ago on Flint River under assault of governor

I have supported Governor Deal on most issues. But, I will join the fight to defend the constitutional water rights of Southwest Georgia.


Phinizy3 2 years, 7 months ago on A.J.'s Seafood owner, staff arrested at restaurant

Oh No,No,No! I know Alvin Adams personally; and, I can assure that if Alvin got involved in an altercation with a vagrant "panhandler" in HIS restaurant, then he must have had a very good reason. Most likely this individual was bothering HIS customers on HIS property. Most likely this individual did not leave Mr. Adam's business when he was instructed by the owner to do so.

Alvin Adams is a long standing, successful, respected, tax paying, multi-business operator and property owner here in Albany. He certainly deserves considerable respect from City law enforcement and officials with the City of Albany. Let's not make it even harder to do business in Albany than it already is.


Phinizy3 2 years, 10 months ago on ASU’s fine arts building must not become a casualty

Unfortunate is right! First, I have the utmost respect for the Albany State University music and arts programs. Dr Bynum's reputation for excellence is well known in our community. Certainly, the University provides the Albany area with so many wonderful cultural opportunities. But, I have to look at this issue from the perspective of the Ray Charles Foundation. Obviously, there was a written, legal agreement that accompanied the generous gift from Mr. Charles. That agreement obviously set a time frame for contruction to begin or to be completed; and, the agreement must have decribed how the funds could be used or invested prior to the construction expenditures. If these funds were co-mingled with the Universitiy's general scholarship fund, then there is a clear breach of contract. If this is the case, then perhaps ASU would serve itself well to review the financial gift oversight process to make sure nothing like this happens again. The return of this gift was an embarassing moment for Albany State. And, it was a tremendous setback for Albany as a whole. But, it was only a setback!

As a suggestion, perhaps the music department can prepare a tribute program dedicated to the work of Ray Charles and perform fund raising dinner concerts for the Ray Charles Fine Arts Building? I would suggest that the University still name the building after Mr. Charles when it is built! He gifted that money prior to his death and we do not know what he would have done regarding those funds if he were still alive. If an error was made by ASU that caused the return of the gift, then why should his name be removed from the building if and when it is built. Mr Charle's intentions were clear! ASU would be advised to admit a mistake (if a mistake was made) and move forward. Chalk it up as a learning experience and turn it into an opportunity.


Phinizy3 2 years, 10 months ago on Big Daddy's, Sandtrap hearings rescheduled

Can the City of Albany do this? I had no idea that these non-renewals was based on, "illegal activities on or near their properties". If the owners of these businesses are not a direct party to these "illegal activities", then how can their livelyhoods be taken away by non-renewal. Does the City expect these business owners to perform police duty for the City? These busineses are bars! These businesses pay more taxes to our City than other busineses. Illegal activity has always been associated with drinking and bars. But, owning and operating a bar is not an illegal activity in itself. I believe The City of Albany is severly over-stepping their authority with these commission 'tribunals'. I hope it does not lead to the taxpayers having to pay excessive legal fees to defend the City's actions.


Phinizy3 2 years, 10 months ago on Insecticide barrels rupture, cause widespread odor

I started feeling 'light-headed' a couple of hours ago and that is very unusual for me! We, the public, need to know immediately exactly what chemicals were released and exactly what risks to humans and wildlife are associated with the accidental release. I am sure that Drexel will try to minimize the potential financial damage to the company. So far, all I here is a bunch of non-specific BS.