Puck_Rickenbacker 11 months, 2 weeks ago on Atheist group wants to join with community

Human beings are by nature social creatures. It was a good day when I found other non believers in the area. We are here, but we are marginalized at best, hated at worse, for no other reason than we don't believe what the majority believe. It doesn't seem to matter if we are good, kind hard working folks, if we don't believe, we are seen as someone to ignore, or deride. So often I think, who would Jesus hate? The christian's own bible talks about loving others, it talks about how Jesus associated with unsavory characters, the sick and poor. Yet modern christians seem to turn to hatefulness the minute they find out their fellow human being doesn't believe in their god. They express no interest or curiosity in what we might believe or why. They turn to insults and smug contempt. It's a shame, really. And were there a god I would like to think god would disapprove such malice in their hearts.