Quantraveious 3 years ago on Area businesses pan jobs plan

Neither Mr. Rogers nor Mr. Johnson seem to understand the subject they are hired to teach, economics. I also have a PhD in economics along with an MA and MBA and I work for a large banking and financial services firm. Any notion that creating government jobs will lead to lower unemployment and a turnaround in the housing market simply ignores the fact that paying for those jobs means increasing taxes, taking money out of the private sector, significant job losses in the private sector and a worsening real estate market. It is the private sector's success which provides tax revenues to government. It is through private sector success that the real estate markets will turnaround. Government-created jobs always cost more than they produce.


Quantraveious 3 years ago on Dougherty School personnel director fired

$551,284 for 214 desktop computers? That's $2,576 per computer! Someone's getting a huge kickback.


Quantraveious 3 years ago on Edwards' little tax problem

All worthy candidates must have a strong background of fiscal responsibility. Period.


Quantraveious 3 years ago on Squawk of the Day - Sept. 1, 2011

You have to be a complete idiot if you don't know why he changed his name from Barry Davis to "Barack Hussein Obama".