RandyLee 2 years, 3 months ago on Riverfront Bar-B-Q to stay open

A big thanks to Bob Brooks also. I pointed out last week in another post that he was willing to work with any one to help them stay in business. Thank you Mr Brooks


RandyLee 2 years, 3 months ago on Blair offers State of Downtown address

I don't think either my self or Aaron Blair or Mr. Taylor is saying everything is perfect now. What i think we all are saying is that there is improvement and it is verifiable.

 This city will be here long after the naysayers are dead and gone- so my advice is for those that just cant stand to be here " Liquidate and move on "

They have realtors and auctioneers for those that want to leave.

The bottom line is for me is that we work together to try to overcome the bad and i see progress little by little.

just in last 3 years or so- We have seen in the "BROADER DOWNTOWN" (meaning imo- from Darton College to Albany State -east and west and Philema road to Airport North and South ) make progress at the private sector level. Examples: A )Demolished old ford building and new Zaxby's in front and in future we will see build out on the other side of street. B ) new Short and Paulk where old closed down Giles building was C) New battery store opposite of Short and Paulk D ) New Home run food store in front of bus station E ) New Walgreens where old vacant Tony's Gym was F ) Dew U save it pharmacy at corner of Flint and Jefferson G) Magnolia mattress rehabbed the old chucks furniture building H) New Church or something going on in old Elctricval supply house in front of little red dog house I ) New Pawn Shop coming to Old magnolia Mattress building or also known as Old Reeds Hardware building J ) Albany Chemical and Pool move back to their building on Broad K ) Brooks Furniture rehab their interior very nicely L )Miles Towing open up in the building opposite of U save it and they painted it up nicely M ) demolished old Heritage house hotel N ) new Auto parts store on broad opposite of magnolia Mattress and Albany Chemical and pool O ) Mr Brooks is renovating several downtown properties and will work with any tenant to help them start their business P ) New Oreily Auto Parts store at corner of 8th and Slappey Q ) new Little Ceazars pizza R) Another new groud breaking art corner of Jefferson and 7th avenue right now S ) Dialysis clinic expand on Jefferson T ) Demolition of old houses on Byron road U ) expansion of chemical company on Pine- Sasco chemical I believe V )New air conditioning company right beside them X ) Habit for humanity expand their operations into a bigger location on pine y )several new business downtown Z) i will stop now- but you get the point i hope.

 I am sure I can think of more but the broader point is that all is not negative

and I really believe that if Riverfront bar b q had not opened up the Leesburg store that the original riverfront would have continued to do very well- but when you compete against yourself you will experience some diminished revenue.

I am not ignoring other issues that we hear about but i am saying that neither is our city leaders.


RandyLee 2 years, 3 months ago on Blair offers State of Downtown address

I attended the meeting and agree that it was positive. I really believe that Aaron Blair is doing everything he can to make downtown Albany grow and he is very passionate about it.He has accomplished much since his time in charge. Our city manager was there and he stepped in as needed and I thought that was a very nice touch. Overall i think downtown is much better now than when Aaron Blair came on board and i think our city manager is wise and compliments our city.

As to the idea of lofts downtown, there were people in the audience who spoke up and said they would like to live in them if they were available. Well heeled people i might add- more than capable of buying a loft " Condo " or renting a loft in they were available.So I think the idea has merit. i lived in Greenville, Sc a while and they had many lofts over the town stores and every Thursday night - an event called "Greenville alive" where music was spread out across many blocks and food and festivity was the norm. This event was usually well attended and local retailers were often open ( not required or expected ) and often were doing business and offering hors d'oeuvres.

I can envision private investment coming to downtown and in fact know of some recent business openings in the works in the broader downtown district.

So , to Mr. Blair and Mr Taylor a thank you and keep up the good work.