RedRaider 2 years ago on Heard hearing drags into third day

Nickerson, later contacted by local and state Democratic party officials, was assured by both the document was an original. She then called Johnson to ask him to return to the elections office with the document but was told it had been destroyed.

Why on earth was Nickerson contacted by local and state Democratic party officials? Lane Price is the duly - elected Democratic party candidate - elected in the Democratic primary on July 31.

Are these Democratic party officials betraying their own candidate? Does the fact that these "officials" are African American have anything to do with their promoting and assisting a so called "Independent" candidate running against their own party's candidate?

Whatever their reason, (apparently racially motivated) I think the immediate resignation or firing of these state and local "Democratic party" officials should be demanded. These "officials" were identified in court and their names will appear in the trial transcript.


RedRaider 2 years ago on Board gets exit report from evaluation

Little surprised at the "Governance and Leadership — 1.5" - indicating that these factors were almost “not evident.” . . . Based on what I've read, I think this may be a little high !!!!


RedRaider 2 years, 1 month ago on Heard files suit against Board

He said that he didn't want to run.

He said that he tried to get a number of other people from his "community" to run and when he couldn't get anyone else to run - he decided to run himself.

What is this saying to the people of Albany?

What is his motive for running? Is he really doing it for our children, or is he doing it to maintain some kind of power?

Is this another indication that there are some supposed "leaders" in our city and county who just want to keep us racially divided?

This appears to me to be a sordid mess.


RedRaider 2 years, 2 months ago on Nothing’s simple with Dougherty School Board

"Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery"

Seems that if the Ten Commandments provides rules for the rest of us, they should certainly govern the actions of our so-called pastors.

Oh "man of God" - Why do you break the rules over and over?

What kind of role model can you possibly be for our children?


RedRaider 2 years, 2 months ago on Price: Late challenge for seat unfair

All four of Dr. Price's children attended public schools, were educated in public schools and graduated from public high schools. The only reason they didn't go to the DCSS schools is that they didn't live in Albany during the time they were in school.

They did go to public schools! Dr. Price does have the children's best in mind and deserves your vote!

She is interested in providing our children the best possible education and wants to ensure that the school system's money is spent on educating children and not wasted. She is not part of any gang of four and will always vote for the best interest of our children regardless of how others vote.