SamShugart 1 year, 6 months ago on Skynyrd, Big & Rich ready for Throwdown

Thank you all for your belief, support and commitment. We will see you all at the first annual Georgia Throwdown festival in October. We will always do everything possible to merit the confidence that you place in us. Sincererly, The Georgia Throwdown Team


SamShugart 1 year, 7 months ago on Fairgrounds get upgrade for festival

Thank you all for your encouraging words. This is an attendance optional event - you are welcome to opt out. I am sure that you have all hosted, promoted and put on much larger soirees than the one that we are producing in October, please jump on board and help us with this project. Any of you that are on a first name basis with the worlds largest musical artists, please contact me - we can use your assistance in that department for sure. While awaiting your calls, we will continue to negotiate with their management teams and promoters. I am also quite sure that you have all been more successful restaurant and hospitality professionals that Bo and Stewart - we can use your help there too. Those that have been the #1 country music songwriter in the world more times than Dallas (holds world record for writer AND number one song produced in 8 months) are welcome to inject your troubadour talents with him in Nashville. As for my careers in insurance, real estate, mill-work, billiard emporiums, civic projects, charitable work, community projects, etc - I can use all of the time and energy that you can spare. "Res ipsa loquitur" - please get out of our way and keep your negativity to yourselves. Sam Shugart - 1704 Gillionville Road.


SamShugart 1 year, 9 months ago on Luke: No anthem apology needed

Res ipsa loquitur. I sometimes forget my own name much less the lyrics to great songs. Luke is as big a patriot as any red blooded American. Get'em LB!


SamShugart 1 year, 9 months ago on SamShugart

The fools of our society should spend less time running their mouths on website posts and more time consulting dictionaries with reference to words such as "irrevocable, endowment, integrated, public, and outlets". To simplify for the sake of my time - the project involves $0 public funding injected for operational costs. The program sustains itself through a privately funded endowment and rental revenue from contiguous commercial space adjacent to the draw. Anyone wishing to "see the money" is welcome to join the efforts. I will match you dollar for dollar for ANY project that promotes the greater good of our community. Sincerely, Sam Shugart.


SamShugart 1 year, 10 months ago on Three-day music and arts festival announced

To Mr Moderator, my goal is to pull off a once in a lifetime deal, please publish my comments, talk to Carlton as needed:

To Albanite, Viet Vet1 and bfreeman = Kiss my a$$. The naysayers are always the first to poke their ugly heads up about nothing to do in Albany. Please come join us as our VIP guests. I will be happy to compare checkbooks, financial statements net worth or otherwise from my CPA to yours. Good luck and thanks for having interest in SOWEGA Music and Art Fest! Sam Shugart.

PS - My phone number is 229-883-0088 should you need to contact me and my office address is 1704 Gillionville Road should you need to meet face to face. Again, thank you for your interest.