SameOldSong 2 years, 10 months ago on Congress worries about jobs -- their own

Many of the Senator's remarks are true. However, he is part of the #1 problem. In early February 2012, BOTH of our GA. Senators voted AGAINST a Bill to establish "Term Limits--75 to 29" and an "Earmark Ban--59 to 40". Voters are realizing too many terms in both House & Senate are a negative and result in too much Lobbyist control and indebtedness. Let's all start fresh with defeating Rep. Bishop. Also, its time to put pressure on our State Legislators to Repeal HB 277 and abolish its new layer of Govt..--12 Regional Commission's forced control of our City and County ELECTED officials. Defeating the new 1 cent sales tax for Transportation will be an excellent message to send to Atlanta.