Sarah 1 year, 1 month ago on Bronwood woman attacked by pit bulls

Please let it be noted that the story says "pit-bull type dog". Notice the parentheses and that it says "type". Jim West doesn't even know what dog it is, there are a lot of breeds of dogs that have pitbull characteristics but are in fact, NOT Pitbulls. The only reason they used this terminology is because society loves to demonize this breed. "Poodle Attack" just doesn't have a ring to it as "Pitbull Attack". I find it amusing that people so easily attack a breed that can't defend itself. Do we blame guns for killing people? For knives for stabbing people? Do we blame the bottle of beer for the DUI? No. So why should an ENTIRE breed be deemed bad because some of them are used to fight. This breed has been chosen because they are so strong and have a high pain tolerance. I am amazed at how strong my pitbull is. But i will not stand by and have people as LoveNormalDog be ignorant about this breed. You have never read anything about the breed, you have never owned or been around one, so who are you to pass judgment on something you are so clearly ignorant about? I am so grateful you love "normal" dogs. My dog would die to protect me. I hope you "normal" dog would do the same for you.