SheilaD 2 years, 9 months ago on Luke Bryan apologizes for National Anthem performance

I had much rather see someone look down at their arm where the words are written,and sing this song with the RESPECT it deserves,that watch a very well-known singer that has been in the business for sometime,mess the song up by repeating the same words or just leaving out part of the song completely. I know this song. I have sung this song many times,and I also know if you are a young singer and you really want to do a good job,then writing some of the words on your hand,or arm, is fine. Many others that really do a good job,also have these wonderful words written on the wrist,only for emergencies. Put yourself in his place. It is very overwhelming to sing this song on National TV for all AMERICA to see. I am PROUD to be an AMERICAN,watching another AMERICAN sing this song,and doing it right,