Snowman 4 years, 1 month ago on Westwood mows down Randolph So., moves to 7-0

to dsirmons. sorry that you believe there was no class. Randolph Southern showed a great amount of class and bravery in showing up. Do you realize that Westwood only took 10 snaps in the second half? Do you realize that Westwoods starters have not played a full game against a region opponent this season? You say westwood has no class when they scored the last two touchdowns of that game with the third string? Please. You can be mad at Westwood all you want. Ross Worsham did the best he could as a coach to keep it from looking like they were just beating up on the patriots but things happen. You cant say they have no class when they did everything but kneel the ball and punt to try to keep from running up the score. If you want to show some class how bout you get some people together and try to help Randolph Southern. Not just the football team but the school itself. I hear they have fallen on hard times in Shellman and could use a lot of help right now. God be with Randolph Southern.