SylvesterJohn 1 year, 11 months ago on Week 12 football Player of the Week Poll

My beef is that you (meaning @RealObjectiveEyes and your hanger-on clone) act like Deerfield is the only school on the planet and thus deserves more consideration than any other program. I'm not just sticking up for JT and his inclusion over Khron, but for anyone who isn't from Deerfield who reads your crybaby posts that wreaks of entitlement. Seriously, do you see OTHER schools' supporters coming on here and whining about why their kid wasn't included, despite their big game? Rarely, if ever.

You're supposed to be the cream of the crop in SWGA private-school athletics, so act like it. Don't cry sour grapes just because your guy wasn't picked when he piled up numbers against a 4-7 team, at home, that it had already beaten this season. He had a great game, no doubt, but I'm sure there's at least one or two guys every week who have great games who are left out. Deal with it.

And, yeah, you're wrong about McClain. Some fan you are. How do you not know he's been up for the award at least twice (from what I could find)?

I think we're done here.


SylvesterJohn 1 year, 11 months ago on Week 12 football Player of the Week Poll

JT's my good friend's son, so I, as should anyone who have a connection to any of these 4 boys, take offense to the claim that JT, or any of the other three, doesn't belong up here compared to the kid from Deerfield. And, @ObjectiveEyes, don't say JT's deserving just because you "have a high respect for our neighbors to the south" in some strange display of private-school solidarity in your garbage US (meaning GISA) vs. the GHSA debate ... then suggest Khron needs to be up there over someone else.

That's both a backhanded compliment to JT (because you're only leaving him on the board due to your "high respect" for a fellow GISA school who would beat your brains in if your coach would ever schedule us) AND disrespectfull to the accomplishments of the other three young men who all had great games.

I look at this poll every week to see if JT's on it (this is his second time, btw), and I think Khron's been nominated 3 or 4 times this year already, as have kids from a lot of the other private schools. So all of you sound incredibly stupid claiming the paper has any kind of bias against private schools. Did you see the coverage they gave us the last two years when we won it all back to back? And I remember Deerfield getting the same treatment every time they put together a run in any sport, which - as we all know - they do often.

I'll admit, we haven't gotten near the coverage this year we had the last two years, even though we have had a great season since moving up to AA, but that's a topic for another day. And honestly, we've had our share, so I'm OK with the focus being put on other teams or players this year. I mean, we're not undefeated like the last two years - we've lost twice - and teams like Westover and Monroe and Early County are having great seasons (for a change), so what's fair is fair, no?

Let JT, Charles, Jacori and Shannon have their week. They earned it. And if your guy keeps putting up big numbers, I'm sure he'll be back up here soon.