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I am a white female who was raised in the South. I believe that you treat people fairly and change with the times, not go back to the horrible years of discrimination.

It is unbelieveable how any woman would vote for Romney. He will overturn Roe vs Wade as the Supreme Court is very close to having more Republican influence. We will then have doctors and their patients sent to prison for an abortion. I would like to say I am ProLife but there are times when an abortion is necessary. The republicans want to force women of rape to have that child.Why wouldn't Romney support Planned Parenthood which would help to prevent unwanted pregnancies? Romney wants to give women less rights and expects them to ask their employer to allow birth control coverage. That is being not only sexist but pennywise and pound foolish.

The American people should exercise their right at the ballot box but please know what you are voting for and what that person will do for you or what he will prevent you from doing. Remember it is the devil that you know that is better than the devil you don't. The devil you don't know is a tax evader, sends American jobs to China and gets compensated for it. Neither he nor his sons ever spent one day in the military service, it is your sons and daughters who have sacrificed so they can keep counting their dollars and maintaining their huge homes. Think about it! Who is being more fair?


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People, please have some class. We all know the whole US is hurting but most of all we are hurting ourselves with personal attacks. Please help preserve some of Albany pride that seems to be fast slipping away.

Most of all, I hope you all will get out and vote. Personally, I voted Republican until 2008 but will again vote for a President who is doing his very best for everyone. Please do not make this a racist vote against a black man. Above all, please understand what Mitt Romney is going to do to this country and to women.He could care less about the 47% which includes military and seniors. He is only concerned for giving himself and the rich more breaks and why should any President keep his money in offshore accounts and be compensated for each American he was responsible for laying off and sending that job to China?


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Mitt Romney is no Roosevelt or Reagan. He is a pretty, rich, liar who cannot keep up with which lie he has told to all the groups that he kisses up to. It is too bad that low knowledge people are going to go to the polls and give their vote to someone who does not give a rats A- - about them.

If you help to put him in office, you deserve what you get. And, you will get 4 years of Trillions more dollars spent on going to yet another senseless war where more men and women will die or be injured fighting because some President had a big ego. He does not care about women, he is going to give you a voucher program to buy your health insurance where pre-existing conditions will count against you. Medicare will not exist as we know it.It will cost seniors $6000 in copays with Romney. He does not care about the 47% who do not pay Federal income taxes . Never mind that seniors and military people have put in their time, NO...they do not matter to him. This also includes the working poor, some working two and three jobs.

It is dispicable that a person whose investments are in the Cayman Islands and he made a lot of money at Bain Capitol where workers were laid off and the more that were laid off, the more he made. Forget about the soon to be retirees did not get their pension but Romney got his!

BTW, God has not personally selected Romney to be leader in the US. God surely would not be very pleased with the lying, hypocrite that he is.

I hope everyone will search for the truth and vote for the person who has your best interest at heart NOT THEIRS.


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I hope everyone in Georgia will make sure they are registered to vote. If you do not vote, do not blame the way the government is run if you are not willing to do your part. Do not throw away your democratic right. There are far too many countries that do not have this freedom. I hope you will make an educated choice and not throw away a vote to a third party.

Above all, I sincerely hope there will be no voter supression.


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Biden may have smiled too much and last week Obama was just too polite. Nevertheless, the Republicans cannot keep their lies straight. They have flip-flopped on every issue depending on which group they are speaking to.

If you do not need Medicare now or in the future, if you do not believe women deserve equal pay for equal work and if you do not believe women have the right to make the decisions over their body--vote Republican. Voting Republican will not make life any better; at least you know what has transpired in the past 4 years, sometimes the devil you know is better than the devil you don't know!

Romney is only interested is scamming the country like he has with his offshore accounts and his 400 million in 401K, you and I are allowed 30K. His answer to health care is a voucher and don't get too sick because his plan won't cover you with any pre-existing conditions. He is full of lies and his little punk, Goober is no better. He could not even tell the truth about the time it took to run a race! Give me a break!


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I hope there were no serious crimes operating while the cops were busting someone with $10.00 of pot. When will government see the big picture? No wonder more people are getting high; we are living in a screwed up world. People are depressed over no jobs and no money!


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I will be watching this thread closely. We do not always know all the facts but we should. It does make a lot of sense to hire a local company. The living expenses of the workers alone should have made a difference in the cost. Hire local and they can go home at night not to a hotel.