TheRealObjectiveyes 2 years, 8 months ago on State Champs!!!

Wow... I normally defend Aller, but Sista is right on point. Mike Phillips does an excellent job. Writes a great story capturing the drama of that game, then in the breaking news banner we see every other program except the one premier team in the area. 3 titles since 2008. The other final team led by a Lowe spin off, but a stiff arm from Aller. Hope the DWS advertisers don't get upset!


TheRealObjectiveyes 2 years, 8 months ago on Week 12 football Player of the Week Poll

While there are several good points made by the commenters, this is also a two way street.

Most outside observers view the GISA as an inferior product to GHSA. Except those coaches in the lower level of GHSA who couldn’t beat the private schools, whined to the governing body about recruitment and an uneven playing field to get the lower classification broken into a private vs. public bracket.

Of course those coaches claimed that private schools recruit and cherry pick players and have more resources. The last time I checked, the publics are funded by tax payers, the privates by tuition and donors. Who do you think has the deeper pockets? And the publics recruit too… I could list a lot of examples.

But I’ve wandered off topic. Aller Etal do seem to buy into this line of thinking and seem to over discount DWS as a quality team. Some of this frustration may be friction generated by a whining mama who wants junior’s name included in every write up. They do get that from time to time and rarely get patted on the back.

The Herald staff overall does a good job with limited resources, but the main point they may be missing is, more attention to a school that has produced a starting point guard and honor graduate at Clemson, a running back and solid student at Tech, and now a lineman who will graduate with a 3.7 gpa before moving on to Navy is not only a competitive program on the field, but is producing solid results in the classroom.

With the state of the local educational system, DWS should be given more credit for finding the balance.


TheRealObjectiveyes 2 years, 10 months ago on Deerfield beats Mt. de Sales in home opener, moves to 2-1

1 - I don't know what game this writer was watching because DWS dominated MDS when the starters were on the field. And as usual, Lowe took the opportunity to get his younger players some snaps to build for the future.

2 - Much like what happened to Mr Wrastling Number 2, I have been the victim of screen name hijacking, I am the real ObjectiveEyes, but this impostor stole the coolest posting name ever. So, to settle this I challenge him to a cage match at the Camilia municipal auditorium to settle this dispute. That or a beer drink off. Chose your weapon Mitchell County name thief!