Tyranny 2 years, 5 months ago on Maybe the Fed is the problem with weak recovery

First, The Federal Reserve is a privately owned company. They are masquerading as a federal institution. They are a private banking consorsium. It’s not federal. It’s a private banking cartel. That’s on record in congressional testimony.

In 1913, the money power of the country was taken away from the people in the Federal Reserve act. The Federal Reserve is no more federal than Federal Express. But yet it has the power to determine the direction of use of money in our economy.

Since the founding of the federal reserve back in 1913 under Woodrow Wilson, the federal reserve has struck out 3 times. They didn’t stop the crash of 1929, they didn’t stop the banking panic of 1932-1933, and they were the cause of the derivatives crisis. They are the ones who inflicted derivatives on the world with Alan Greenspan.

Instead of our economy being about goods and services and real products and manufacturing, it’s all about the private federal reserve that masquerades as a government entity that controls the issuance of currency and credit. They’re the ones that have cut off the liquidity in the market. They told us to have a debt-based economy. Then they cut it off once they get us under their thumb and implode the economy so they can consolidate it.

And they claim they’ll get the economy going. But they are hoarding the money and buying up other banks that aren’t part of the Federal Reserve. Buying up insurance companies. Buying up roads and infrastructure work, media programs.

What the bankers do is they implode an economy by cutting off credit, and then once things really fall to a low (and they know the low because they buy everything up) they start putting more money back into the economy. So they build us up and sheer us. Build us up and sheer us.

The Feds are the #1 problem in this country. They are STEALING from EVERYBODY and putting it in offshore accounts.

The Feds run this government, anybody who doesn't see this needs to wake up.

And it doesn't help when people write articles on March 8, 2013 saying "Maybe the Feds are the problem." Really? They've been the problem since it's inception. How do people get jobs in the media these days? Is it a prerequisite to not be informed?