USMCRetired 3 years, 5 months ago

Lucky? Really Coach, you're going to say that someone taking responsibility for themselves is all just a matter of luck? When are people going to start taking ownership of their own lives and stop blaming everyone else for their personal failings? I grew up in a family of nine that scraped to get by with two parents that worked a combination of four jobs at a time to make ends meet. Their example showed me that you do what you can to provide for yourself and your family. They never accepted a dime of charity even when offered and instilled that self pride in all of us. In America, even today, ANYONE can make anything they want of themselves. It's just a matter of taking your future in your own hands and standing up for yourself.

Shame on you Coach. I hope you are not passing your entitled, defeatist attitude on to the kids you influence!


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