Venture5 2 years, 4 months ago on Heard's School Board qualifying fee unpaid

I wouldn't take a check from the pastor. We have a rule at our business. If a pastor comes in and he or she is black we will not accept a check. Every check I have ever taken from a black pastor has bounced. A few years ago I accepted a check for over $1,700.00 from a black pastor at one of the largest churches in Albany and it bounced. I would call the pastor every day and he would tell me to be at the job site where he was working at 2:00 and he would give me the money. I would be there but he wouldn't. I finally called the magistrate court judge in Lee county and he told me I could pay the fee to file a suit but I would be wasting my money because there were so many people ahead of me. This pastor is still in the pulpit and I see him on TV on sunday mornings.