WJReady 1 year, 12 months ago on Squawk of the Day - March 29, 2013

I, being one of above intellect cannot understand a thing you guy's are saying much less the meaning. Being from the South, as in Agony, I truly do not understand why any of you are still there. I guess to take shots at each other, be extremely boring and dumbfounded... I read the squawk, which makes no sense, to feel the Albeny Vibe...


WJReady 1 year, 12 months ago on Former Tift County football standout, UGA player charged with 8 felonies

I am a UM as in lots of swagger fan. We were always tattooed with the Criminal element BUT slowly the SEC is taking over. WE WILL be back, it is all about the U....


WJReady 2 years ago on Squawk of the day - March 4, 2013

This is one of the reasons why I could not live in Albeny, Just too many people who feel priviledged to be one step ahead of the rest... Unfortunately, it happens on both sides of the coin. No respect for the other guy is the new Albeny MOTTO... I live in one of the most diverse cities in America and WE all look out for each other and certainly would not pull crap like this, also SOMEONE WOULD have stopped it... Good Luck!!!


WJReady 2 years ago on Newborn baby dies after parents killed in car wreck on way to NY hospital

People that have no respect for others and could cause a accident like this and just RUN AWAY LIKE COWARDS I know how to stop... And to make sure next time it does not happen, I KNOW HOW TO STOP... This is just sick and so sad, prayers for the ones gone and to all of the family, friends and community they left and loved.... To ALL Peace, Remembrance and Solitude at all cost and have no mercy for the fools who caused this...



WJReady 2 years, 2 months ago on Rawson Circle residents fight personal care home

I for one can not understand WHY the residents of Rawson Circle are against this home for elderly residents to live in. A safe and dignified residence and I am sure it will cause much less harm than anyone can truly qualify or explain... Now the truth be told, ARE YOU KIDDING ME. Albany is full of RACISTS and now I find ONE OF THE OLDEST communities will not let the OLDEST LIVE IN IT, BECAUSE IT IS A GROUP HOME FOR ELDERLY PEOPLE. I bet there are a few from the neighorborhood who could utilize this facility and their spouse could walk over or drive a short distance to visit... I am totally amazed but DEFINITELY NOT SURPRISED... you guy's, NEED TO GET A CLUE AND WAKE UP.



WJReady 2 years, 2 months ago on Squawk of the Day - Jan. 7, 2013

I am a DAWG AND HURRICANE. I could care aless about either one of them winning and dang sure do not want Saban to win another. GO IRISH...

Now the Falcons that is another subject... Come on Birds win the BIG one...


WJReady 2 years, 2 months ago on Squawk of the day - Jan. 2, 2013

You need to follow them out and see the new expensive cars, suv's and trucks they can afford when the food is free... Absolutely amazing how the system does not work. I cannot afford a new expensive vehicle because I buy my groceries with my own hard earned money... Went to get a Obama phone and the lady said I do not qualify. I asked why, she said go look in the mirror... Pretty dang obvious at that point...


WJReady 2 years, 2 months ago on Experts mixed on video game violence

Parenting, supervison, morals, discipline, teaching right from wrong, making any age person own their behaviour and responsibilities, communication, a Judicial system that works, reporting obvious abnormal behaviour and actions, and the list goes on. The problem is not video games, although I am not a fan of them, that is not why people are being murdered. It is because the above items are not being put inot place and or taught, just my opinion...


WJReady 2 years, 2 months ago on Tift County murder suspect still at large

I hope the COPS are ARMED AND DANGEROUS as well. You want to kill someone and run from the law and make statements such as " not going back to jail without a fight", man you got a huge problem... Called the US Marshalls, welcome to the BIG time for punks like you.. Now the biggest problem is why is he out of jail, oh i know, our judicial process is broken and let's the bad guy's out way to often.

Go Marshalls...