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What a good article.. I am from your hometown..Ocilla I was there and I must say that the first comment maker can stay his ass at home. It was awesome.. Naked guy 2012 (because there is one every year) got tazed..and taken to jail.. there were 17 arrests made and it looks like MDMA, also known as ecstasy, was the main culprit.. Or being a bonehead and causing trouble or alcohol... and if the truth be known if no one drank alcohol this arrest number would have been lower..

1: Male 19yo: Sale of MDMA

2: F/19: DUI

3: M/19: Sale of MDMA

4: M/40: Posession of Cannabis, Resisting with violence, enciting a riot.

5: M/26: Disorderly intox

6: M/26: Sale and traffic of MDMA, Possesion of cannabis and psilocybin

7 M/21: Disorderly conduct

8: M/40: Possession of LSD with intent, +20g cannabis, psilocybin w/ intent, poss of alazopram

9: M/21 Posession of cannabis

10: M/46: posession of MDMA and cannabis

11: M/26: Posession of MDMA and cannabis

12: F/23: posession of cannabis, pills, MDMA

13: M/24: posession of cannabis and MDMA

14: F/26: disorderly conduct

15 M/26: Battery on LEO, resiting w/ violence, indecent exposure

16 M/18: tresspass

17: M/42 : Tresspass

99% of the people at Wanee are the nicest people on earth.. easy going and peaceful.. Now if you really want to see something go to Suwanee River Jam next week When the country fans take over .. Fights will break out and mayhem will ensue due to the most violent of all intoxicants .......alcohol ..which is legal.. You folks that don't like what goes on at Wanee keep yourself in Albany.. A much more peaceful place I am sure..