WeAreThey 2 years ago on DCSS suspends Westover teacher for seven days without pay

Is this news worth reporting - in the public's interest? I think the public is catching onto the fact that the interim superintendent and the school board are doing their jobs. One or two more like this one and the horse will be thoroughly beaten.

Perhaps the Herald can now send Mr. Lewis, and his passion for public service reporting, right on over to 3rd Avenue. There are far more victims to speak for who are just as helpless.


WeAreThey 2 years ago on Fire, law enforcement studies spark county debate

Good Lord - another fire department? What's wrong with the one we've already bought and paid for? If our county commssioners believe there IS something wrong with it, let them speak publicly about their concerns. The 'unincorporated' taxpayers deserve to hear any concerns their elected representatives may have about current fire protection services.


WeAreThey 2 years ago on Albany officials: Bethel housing project worth the investment

Low-income housing projects are big For-Profit businesses. This complex is no longer owned by the church but by a separate LLC. Over 30% of the costs of this project are 'soft' costs? What- like consulting fees and salaries? A $4.5 million renovation project is now over $10 million? Yeah, this outfit should continue paying property taxes.


WeAreThey 2 years ago on Squawk of the Day - April 7, 2013

The control tower controls GROUND traffic. No tower means all pilots are on the honor system when landing and taking off. It means they use "see and avoid". What if they don't see the other plane, or the deer, or the truck on the runway?

I don't have to have anyone give me the facts. I can Google, I can read and this not a complex issue. It's simply common sense. For $500,000 a year, we can continue to offer the safest possible landing, taxiing and take off conditions for the 200 people and the planes that use the airport every day. To not assume that responsibility on a local basis is just hoping for the best. If the worst ever happens because we have an unmanned tower, how expensive was $500,000 - really?


WeAreThey 2 years ago on FAA to delay closing Albany airport tower

It's about GROUND traffic control. Thrush, UPS, FedEx, Delta, and private pilots all independently deciding when they take off and land. They don't make the decision now - the tower does. I don't want to be on the plane taking off while another decides to land in the same place. Do you? It's about safety and the perception of safety - the public's and the insurance companies'.

I appreciate the Aviation and City Commission moving quickly to assume this responsibility BEFORE there is ever a question or concern. THAT is good governing.


WeAreThey 2 years, 1 month ago on City asked to finance airport tower

See why it's important to remind people of the facts? The FAA is shutting down the tower, along with many more, as a result of the SEQUESTER. All they have done is shift the cost of operation over to local governments. They aren't saying that we don't need the tower. They are saying that WE can pay for it because this is what USDOT chose as part of their cuts. This would be the same FAA that is paying for a large percentage of the new terminal. If anyone wants to talk about 'boneheads', you may want to start talking about the ones in Washington.


WeAreThey 2 years, 1 month ago on Business owner challenges community

But if we put a moratorium on low-income housing then the churches and their leaders would miss out on future opportunities for personal profit.


WeAreThey 2 years, 1 month ago on Dispute rises over local legislation

Just like Freddie Powell Sims quietly running through a bill to protect the Hospital Authority and Phoebe Health Systems from further investigation of their actions. After Slick Eddie tried and failed - in the cover of night. Talk about bi-partisan cooperation!!!

Now Winfred thinks he can pull off the same thing - sneaking a bill through without anyone knowing until it is too late.

Seemingly, three of our elected state legislators serve a very small number of masters and they buy off the voters, and local elected officials, with grants and gifts of state money. And we will stay 'bought' while they line one pocket and steal from another.


WeAreThey 2 years, 1 month ago on Business owner booked on theft by conversion charge

The man runs a successful travel agency for 25-30 years and has provided 100's of wonderful vacations to people in this town, and now, the Sheriff's Department claims it's a 'Ponzi scheme' ? Doesn't 'non-refundable' mean 'non-refundable' for everyone? Maybe not, if you have the right friends in high places.


WeAreThey 2 years, 1 month ago on Teacher suspended for improper search

Just helping the Herald do their job, man. Perhaps you and I, both, should have watched WALB and then we'd know a fact that Mr. Lewis failed to report - that the School System is following procedures to terminate this teacher. Then I'd have said the school system administration was doing their jobs and they did it all without the help of the Court of Public Opinion. And you could have trotted out your usual moral and intellectual superiority on some other subject not already addressed and resolved by the paid professionals.