Wendell 2 years, 6 months ago

Mr. Fletcher, I believe you would have made Karl Marx very proud! But as for me, I have a simple philosiphy - if you want something work for it! Also it might help if you read the Ten Commandments - THOU SHALT NOT COVET. Your ideas are the main reason this country is in a heck of a mess!


Wendell 2 years, 5 months ago

Republican field may make you cringe, as for me I am overjoyed any of them could beat the idiot tax and spender now occupying the office who has made me cringe, yell, and learn several new languages. HOPE WE HAVE A TEAM OF CAIN AND GINGRICH TO STRAIGHTEN OUT THE MESS CAUSED BY TAX AND SPENDERS WHO BROKE SOCIAL SECURITY AND NOW WANT TO STEAL THE REST OF IT!! MY FRIEND IF YOU LIKE DEMOCRATS YOU CAN HAVE THEM ALL, I PERSONALLY AM FED UP WITH THEM!!!


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