WildcatFan11 2 years, 3 months ago on History is theirs!

history [ˈhɪstərɪ ˈhɪstrɪ] n pl -ries 1. (Historical Terms) a. a record or account, often chronological in approach, of past events, developments, etc. b. (as modifier) a history book a history play 2. (Historical Terms) all that is preserved or remembered of the past, esp in written form 3. (Historical Terms) the discipline of recording and interpreting past events involving human beings 4. (Historical Terms) past events, esp when considered as an aggregate 5. an event in the past, esp one that has been forgotten or reduced in importance their quarrel was just history 6. the past, background, previous experiences, etc., of a thing or person the house had a strange history 7. (Electronics & Computer Science / Telecommunications) Computing a stored list of the websites that a user has recently visited 8. (Literary & Literary Critical Terms) a play that depicts or is based on historical events 9. (Literary & Literary Critical Terms) a narrative relating the events of a character's life the history of Joseph Andrews Abbreviation (for senses 1-3) hist

Check out #3 especially, where does this say that history is only about race or the bad things that happened? My lunch is history because it has already happened and impacted me. Don't be ignorant, the educated people of the world will always call you on it!