Wildlife 1 year, 8 months ago on Quail Forever hires Bowles, QU staff

Wow, lets set a little straight. Mr. Bowles not only knew of the financial crisis of the old QU, he was the active treasurer of QU before, during and for a time after the information of the problems surfaced. He has claimed this amnesia long enough. That position by definition of the QU bylaws meant he approved and provided the budgets to the board. Since taking over his name appears on legal records from many law suits old and new, he knew. All records in 2009 of the liabilities and financial conditions were accurate and verified by a CPA when he took over. The missing and uninvoiced guns totaled over $300,000 and he and the board were provided a list that they refused to move on, the bad debt to all vendors, the $1.2 million was being paid down, the nearly $600,000 due chapters and state councils seems to have been forgotten and all were properly accounted for by the then new accountants in GA in 2009 specializing in not for profits. The previously unreaveled and unrecorded long term liability of the retirement accounts was nearly $3.4 million in itself. These numbers were recorded in the minutes of the QU board unless they too have been "misplaced", atleast his copies.

To say and blame the "old guard" is an excuse for current poor management I don't know what degree he got from Auburn but if it was business, the first thing you do is due diligence whenever you take over anything. Credibility suffers when you keep blaming the "old guard", it is your job to fix it as a leader and he was the old guard. Did anyone think he would fix himself?

As a leader you deal with documented facts, written verification, honest answers all the time not smoke and mirrors.

The problem was never the chapters, members or workers, it was in the mismanagement at the absolute highest levels and one person did not cause the dissolution of QU but one person orchestrated it and it was not Bill Bowles.

The relationsjip with QF is very curious, he has absoluteley no experience as an RD and the business management shows itself very questionable so, whats in it for everyone concerned? Strange bedfellows and you can bet there is more to the story.

The people of Albany were and are wonderful, your efforts and freindship are well known to all who worked with you or walked the fields. You deserve much better than what is unfolding. Trust not unless it is in writing, verified with an insurance policy to back it up.