Terry D

abdullah 2 years, 8 months ago on Deerfield considers move to GHSA

As part of the FPD family, I don't understand the difficulty of DWS"s decision. It's for the most part a question of having a desire for competition or not. Before we left the GISA, we had won the All-Sports competition about 7 of the last 10 years. Deerfield has had a lot of success as well, particularly in football and boy's basket ball. You'll compete well in the GHSA.

We haven't won any titles in the major sports, but have done quite well in others. We have the distinction of being the only school to win GHSA State Championship titles in each of our first two years as members.

You'll find that you will compete especially well in some of the non headline sports. We have played and competed well with AAAAAA schools in softball and soccer, just to name two. The flexibility in scheduling is quite a bonus.

Take the plunge. You will not be sorry for it.