albanynative 3 years, 2 months ago on CRCT investigation a matter of right versus wrong

Mr. Wright, NAACP, give me a freaking break! These teachers were fired for cheating and the principal for stealing. There were numerous teachers investigated and some had the decency to tell the truth, that yes, they were cheating. CHEATING IN SCHOOL!!! Basic ingredient to a good education, do your own work, don't cheat. And you want teachers like that teaching your kids? Make sense, since the only thing you have to say about it is they are black, you exude ignorance. The comment regarding giving lower income children hope, how about teaching them how to work hard for what's right instead of cheating and lying their way through society. And all the teachers were black, hello they were hired by the Dougherty County School System, run by Blacks, blame the hiring for the ignorance. Grand stand on RACE, ridiculous that everytime an "injustice" is done to a black that we have idiots like this screaming it's because they were black. Let's forget what they did to deserve to be fired, it's because they are black. being black is not a get what you want for free or is it??? We live in the most abundant culture for self and community improvement. Which society deems to have the worst reputation? Time to wake up NAACP and grandstanding on the racial soap box blacks, you need to get a grip on your inner city issues, educate your families, get jobs, be productive, quit cheating and lying and dealing drugs and having babies at 12 letting your 35 year old grandma raise them, pull your pants up, act right and start trying to make better role models, there are plenty of hard working blacks that don't believe in the race card crap you are pulling, look up to people like that and start making a real change, you can't change being black but you can change being stupid! DO RIGHT GET RIGHT