amoore7 2 years, 10 months ago on Murfree: Special session to discuss school closing

I took my break to attend the rally at 2pm, only to get there and see no rally in session. We as parents are concerned with this issue and our voices must be heard. Do not close our school, and do not choose to release teachers from making a difference in our children lives. Education should never be on the "chopped List" Our future generation need to know that we as a community are giving them the best education that than can recieve. Teachers need to know that their jobs matter! That their personal choice to educate will not be short leashed! My children attend Magnolia Elm. All they can ask me everynight before going to bed is "mama do we have to go to another school". Find another way to fix your issue, because closing a school does not fix the problem. You will only be adding to it. Making students who have no other educational option suffer by being placed in oversize classrooms, is not giving quality education! I wish board members could be teachers 1st and have an understanding of the importence of education! I wish that people would care about the students 1st and what's best for them 1st. The talk is that this is a simple fix, but at whose expense? rezoning a school will mean rezoning and rezoning and rezoning, because our community is steady growing! We need Magnolia to stay open. We need Magnolia teachers to stay employed! We need to stop thinking that we can target education everytime the budget is faulty! We did not make it faulty! My children deserve the best education possible! I deserve to know that my children will be able to compete for jobs with others across the world. Elementary Schools are our children foundation! everything is built upon the principles taught at this tender age! They already have enough on their plate to deal with; with a cirriculum that does not offer any room to make a mistake! My stand is to Save our school!


amoore7 2 years, 10 months ago on BOE: Magnolia may be ‘repurposed’

Closing Magnolia does not fix any issues the school system is having. My children attend Magnolia Elm. and we love it! To just say that they can be rezoned as if its no big deal is to be insenistive to our children needs. What about quality education? Should our children have to suffer a good education because our leaders in the community do not know how to budget money! Have we the people, the mothers, fathers and children have no voice? Should we have to allow our teachers to be moved and "reapply" to others schools, because "you feel it's best"? Our students, my children are the ones being affected by this and they are terrified! Everything is always about saving money, well once you save the money where will it go? who wins in this choice? how will you maintain classroom size? how will save money by busing children who normally walk to school everyday? you will still have to fill buses with gas! how will you handle extended day options for parents who work? EX: students who may attend the boys and girls club.. This makes no sense! Do you have a child that attends any of these schools? I am a mother and I will stand and come against this! I will "Save our School"!