angelwatson 1 year, 1 month ago on History is theirs!

to the idiot that thinks all WW people are racist, my daddys family were promenent business owners in Camilla also. My daddy was one of the "farmers" and businessmen that had a hand in the start of WW. You think we had it good just because we went to a private school?.........well, i spent many a night trying to keep myself warm the best way i could at night because we couldn't get the heat fixed......many mornings boiling water and getting dressed by the fireplace in the mornings before school, no air conditioning, all the things you ignorate ass thinks don't happen to white folks. My daddy busted his butt working so much to provide for us, and to make sure we went to a school with small classes, good faculty, one on one excellent education, and he worked himself literally TO DEATH doing so. It kinda makes me chuckle a little to hear we are racist, especially while I watch you make these racist comments toward us. Now who's the idiot? CONGRATULATIONS LADY CATS!!!!!!!!