anonymoususer12 3 years, 3 months ago on Squawk of the day - Sept. 27, 2011

I'm not here to argue, just simply to defend. You're right. But you might've missed when I said "whatever type of danceline they choose to be on, they have the capability, training, and technique." Doing what they do is more complicated and technical than you think. Technique in ballet is important to their fieldshow. Some of these girls have been taking ballet since they were young. So if they decided to do a different style of dancing, I have no doubt in my mind that they could make it. BUT to attend an HBCU and dance on one of those dancelines may be their dream, their goal...and I know that it is. That was the goal. That is why they perform to be more collegic. Dougherty is one of the best dancelines Albany,GA has and there are girls wishing to be one of those six. Aim higher? They have the highest aim of all of all schools because what they do is so much more different and rigorous.

And to the SOMEBODY makin comments of welfare and kids out of wedlock? Excuse me, but you are so highly ignorant. Dancing has NOTHING to do with that. I bet it would just blow your mind to know that every six of those girls take AP classes and are placed in the IB program at Dougherty. Not to mention, all of their GPA's are 3.3's and higher. So, consider your mind officially BLOWN because they are. If That is all you have to say your ignorant comments are not needed. If you have nothing to say but negative comments about a couple of high school girls need a lesson in time management and find other ways to pass your time.

And once again, if you do not like what you see...please do not attend a game. Go to something a little bit more in your ball park. But if you came to see a real ENTERTAINING PERFORMANCE, you know where it is.

But honestly, I'm writing because I'm just highly disappointed in the way you are talkin about these girls. You are grown. There are more ways to say what you have to say without saying it in that way. These girls read these things and its hurtful. Just watch what you say. Say what you have to say, but be grown about it.


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To Citizen-A....You don't seem very educated about college all. Have you ever watched most of the top HBCU college dancelines? Like I said, what they do is not limiting them to the types of dancelines they choose to be on. Yes, classes are taught at Dougherty High which all include lyrical, ballet, pointe, hip-hop, and jazz. So, if ANY of these girls decided to try out for a particular danceline, they have the capability, training, and TECHNIQUE to do so for ANY TYPE OF DANCING. Because they are majority African-American, their type of dancing they do is more aimed toward HBCU type dancing such as Albany State Passionettes, Jackson State Jsettes, Alabama State Stingettes, And Clark Atlanta's Danceline because those are they colleges of choice that they choose to dance for. But if they wanted to try out for a more (boring) type of dance, I'm more than positive than any one of them can do so. That Is All.


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Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and I'm sure that everyone has their own. But you must be so ashamed of yourselves...Look at the comments you are posting. To the girls on the line... How do you think they feel to read this?

This is high school, correct. But most girls on their line are seniors. Yes, high schoolers are looked at as still being children but in reality they are young, lady adults. You know absolutely NOTHING about their character or who they are. Every SIX of those young ladies have dreams and more talent that I'm sure ANY of you users have. I applaud the sponsor of these girls because he/she has trained them well. Yes, they do look like a college...but that is the whole point. That is simply preparation for the real deal, college dancelines. I know these ladies. Most of them are 17 & 18. In only a couple of more months...they WILL BE IN COLLEGE.

And as far as any of you know, Dougherty is A School Of Performing Arts. Dougherty is an overall black school and dancing is a part of our culture. You can't take that away from them. Their band is absolutely...amazing. A danceline and a band PERFORM and ENTERTAIN and thats EXACTLY what they did. And I must say...THEY DID IT WELL! So if YOU do not like what you see, don't come to a game. If you do, don't watch them. Eyes on the game. Because for every negative comment, there was over a thousand positive comment for each one. I applaud Dougherty's Dazzlin Dolls, their sponsor, their band, their uniforms, and their style.

You should change your mind set. Most people dont come to a game looking at dancers like that with negative thoughts in their minds. They are performers, entertainers, dancers. They come to see a show.