artwear 4 years ago on Westwood begins state title defense with win vs. SGA

I was at the game. I felt like SGA players did not show good sportsmanship. In the end, it got the best of them, and they self-destructed. My daughter goes to Westwood and my son to SGA, so I will support both programs. SGA had a couple of unsportsmanlike conduct calls against them. They played dirty football. Congrats go out to the Wildcats. Coach Worsham is running a class act football program and it shows. It's important that our coaches teach these boys to be men of good character. Football comes second. That is why I am a big fan of coach Mark Richt. He does exactly that. He is so much more than a coach. He cares about his players and how they live their lives. One day, they will put away their cleats and shoulder pads and the playing field will be the game of life.