b77 3 years, 8 months ago on Stay of execution, new trial sought

If there isn't enough evidence to execute Johnson by all means he deserves a new trial. Everyone wants to turn it into a race issue because there was such a outrage over the Troy Davis execution but you fail to look deeper before you post your ignorant comments.

First of all it is no secret that blacks were lynched for unjust crimes in history if you do your research. In fact in 1828 Ida Wells, editor of Free Speech, a small newspaper in Memphis, carried out an investigation and discovered during a short period 728 blacks had been lynched by white mobs in which two-thirds were for small offences such as public drunkenness and shoplifting. I can continue on in detail with names of blacks that died due to unjust lynchings but that would be too many names to list. Unjust lynching amongst blacks has been a problem in the past and the recent lynching of Davis was a reminder that it exists today....

Now you ask why Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson are not speaking out for Johnson..... Well I am pretty sure that Al and Jessie would agree that Johnson would deserve a new trial if the evidence isn't there however their primary goal is to ensure that blacks overcome the past and advance.... You see Mr Carbonrob "advancement" is meaning of the second letter in the acronym of NAACP.

With a little research you figure out that there wasn't a hidden agenda... The outrage was just a reminder of unjust punishments that our ancestors went through and even today struggling to end. Once again if there isn't enough evidence against Johnson then by all means HE DESERVES a new trial. The Davis trial hit home to alot of blacks because of history and we want to advance not go back to the past.