bamanedepe 3 years, 7 months ago on Ex-Westover star OL Brown receives offer from UGA

Sister Ruby, sounds like you're the one that was caught with your hands in the cookie jar; you know on top of the desk getting rocked; your comments are always filled with hatred; i would say you are the one that has a bag of rocks and no one to play with; just some info for your "rock head Azz", in order to receive a D1 scholarship you must have some grades so once again your rock head stupidity got you confused; No I forgot you are just filled with hatred; 18 months from now he most likely will be hiring your rock head to pick up rocks out of his lawn; Now check back on that; you should be uplifting these young folks for the hardwork they are doing and trying to make something of themselves but that would be to good of you to give praise to young folks; I hope the crimson tide get him "Role Tide", former native of the ALB now in the Bham; DDmac keep it real agree with you 100%