bballintruth 2 years, 6 months ago on GHSA/GISA STATE TOURNAMENT ROUNDUP: Rutland ends Herald No. 1 Monroe boys’ season in Sweet 16; R-C boys, Pelham girls moving on after huge road wins

Well Monroe could not make it to the top this year. They had a good season as they have had one of the top 3 best teams in SWGA in the last 6 years. but no matter how well your team is" stacked". No matter how many D1 prospects you may have on that team, if there isnt who knows how to use that talent then you will have a team that never seems to make it to.the top. Much success to Monroe b-ball players in whatever your future endeavors maybe.


bballintruth 2 years, 6 months ago on The one that counts

Good game between MHS and WHS. WHS won when it really counted. They played hard and Cromer and Kell (sp) had their best game against MHS this year. MHS did not apply the defensive pressure they had against WHS in the past 3 games. They didnt challenge shots like the other games. McGhee had a good game but began to really step up after the half. I would like to see him play with that intensity for 4 quarters, especially if his team is down 12 pts like MHS was at the 3rd qtr of the game. MHS needed more guard play offensively and defensively. With 14 seconds left in a game and you are down by 2, its time to go to your best player on the court even if the other team expects you too. But that's a decision thats made by the coach, so you can't fault the player. Now both teams got to move on to unknown opponents in the State play-offs. This is what you have prepared, practiced and performed for all season long.....a chance at the State Title. Wish both teams the best.