bob 3 years, 7 months ago on Bridge ideas have challenges all

Part of the problem is that the $5.5 million rehab figure is not yet supported by documentation. The bridge group is working on getting a firm figure. I have seen some rehab estimates that are over $20 million. We may not know the true cost until they start work.

There are also no estimates for maintenance of a rehabilitated bridge, but there is a fear that the number would be much higher than the costs associated with a new bridge. There is currently no funding source identified for a rehab of the bridge. Conversely, the State of Georgia DOT has agreed to fund 100% of the cost of a new bridge.

There is also a concern that a rehabilitated bridge may not be susceptible to inspection like the proposed new bridge would be. Thus, potential safety problems could remain hidden for many years.


bob 3 years, 7 months ago on Is the city set to kill the multimodal project?

Con D.Operating Costs: There does not appear to be a current estimate of the cost to operate the $10.5 million plus facility. There is no money budgeted for building maintenance. A smaller transfer facility like the one that previously existed would likely be much less expensive to operate.

Con E. Downtown Redevelopment: There is a trend in cities trying to redevelop their downtown districts to build or move municpal transit transfer stations outside of their core downtown/historic districts. Examples of this may be seen in Columbus, Marietta, Savannah, etc.

Con F. Cheaper Alternative SItes May Exist: The First Tee facility may become available soon, and could be adapted for use as a transfer/ticket station.