brudderfromanuddermudder 2 years, 12 months ago

Okay, here we go again. if the President says that it's raining the repubs will say the sun is shinning. If Mitt , Mr. Everyman, tell me who I am today, that's not my plan, Romney says that I am going to cut everyone's taxes by 20% and it's not going to affect anybody then that is okay, Or maybe he said if it does affect anybody then I'm not going to do it after I have made a big speech and ran around the country saying that I would do it. Or maybe it was an evolution thing like he has done on abortion, emigration, his on faith, his own health care plan. I don't know it's just to hard to keep up. It only show that people believe what they want to believe. Woe unto you who call good evil and evil good.


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