brudderfromanuddermudder 2 years, 9 months ago on DCSS board releases Murfree from contract

I do not think that Dr. Murfree should have been fired. The Board new that he was a flawed candidate in the beginning. The Board should have never placed him in that position of leadership and not support him. The Board is fundamentally flawed itself and firing Dr. Murfree will not make it any better.

Let us pray that the Board and new Superintendent perform much better in the future.


brudderfromanuddermudder 2 years, 10 months ago on brudderfromanuddermudder

Okay, here we go again. if the President says that it's raining the repubs will say the sun is shinning. If Mitt , Mr. Everyman, tell me who I am today, that's not my plan, Romney says that I am going to cut everyone's taxes by 20% and it's not going to affect anybody then that is okay, Or maybe he said if it does affect anybody then I'm not going to do it after I have made a big speech and ran around the country saying that I would do it. Or maybe it was an evolution thing like he has done on abortion, emigration, his on faith, his own health care plan. I don't know it's just to hard to keep up. It only show that people believe what they want to believe. Woe unto you who call good evil and evil good.


brudderfromanuddermudder 2 years, 11 months ago on Price: DCSS management 'broken'

What the system needs in an inside auditor selected by the School Board to oversee all of the programs and regulations that the system is required to follow. This will break the culture of disregard for the rules governing the system and its employees. This auditor will be required to keep the Superintendent informed but he/she could only be fired or hired by the board. It is time for the School Board and the citizen to get serious about following the law in all aspects of its operations. This is the way it was done or someone else got away with it this way is not an answer that will be or can be tolerated by the community.


brudderfromanuddermudder 3 years ago on Election Board disqualifies Heard (Updated and video added)

What $99 dollars!!!! Why not $100. Do they have end of the month specials? I guess everything has its price.


brudderfromanuddermudder 3 years ago on State unemployment is up; a newspaper walkout; and prison cell phone scandal top the Morning Minute

bigbob what church do you go to. Your not a Baptist since they declared racism a sin back in 1994 (maybe you are a sining Baptist). They also elected a black man to head the Southern Baptist Convention this year (didn't see that one coming did ya). The statement isn't "they still vote black" (since I have voted for a white person several times). The question is, Will you vote for someone who is black? Judging from your comments, I doubt it, seriously. But there is always "Hope and Change".